Experiencing chronic knee pain or have a nagging knee injury?

I Knee-d a Fix!

Experiencing chronic knee pain or have a nagging knee injury?

Is your knee swollen, painful and tight? What might be going on?

On a Friday evening recently, I had a conversation with myself. I had injured my left knee years ago in a softball game… turning a double into a triple by over extending my knee, causing lots of pain and tenderness. Fast forward a few years later and here I am experiencing an old knee injury.

What can you do about knee pain?

Ice, rest and compression is a good starting plan to recovering from that knee injury. If things don’t improve, consulting a physician or physical therapist is a next step.

What is causing your knee pain?

Soft tissue, ligament, tendon, cartilage, bone, or kneecap? For me, I wasn’t too sure what brought the pain back from that nagging old injury, but I know I spend a great deal of time on my feet, working. I ice, rest and elevate, but the swelling continues and there is still pain!

What’s your next plan of action?

My next steps are to shift into high gear and begin treatment. I continue to ice, stretch and foam roll my quadriceps muscle, iliotibial tract (IT band) and my hamstring. In addition I take arnica, a homeopathic remedy for sprains and strains. My combined efforts begin to help relieve some of the swelling (without taking Ibuprofen!).

The pain is reduced and I have better mobility. There is still some lingering swelling and pain, with a compensation pain occurring in my left lower leg and ankle.

When we reach this place in an injury what is left to do?

I visit my chiropractor, get a therapeutic/deep tissue massage, and read one of my favorite books on coping with injuries and pain called “Pain Free,” by Peter Egoscue. The Egoscue method focuses on each area of the body and suggests exercises to follow to relieve pain in that region. I recommend this method as part of your treatment to helping with any chronic pain injury.

Back to the book. I begin at the chapter on knee pain and do the recommended exercises. The results are well received. I have a better range of motion, less swelling and pain.

Not satisfied, still have that nagging knee pain?

“Pain is not always where the problem is,” Peter Egoscue.

I begin searching through the book to find alternative info on what else could be causing the knee pain, I land at the chapter on hip pain. I come to the conclusion that my knee injury is actually the result of a related hip pain problem. In the end, the hip exercises bring the best results, I’m almost pain free and have my range of motion back.

Sitting a desk for a living?

In our culture, we do a great deal of sitting. This excessive sitting can cause hips to become tight and restricted. We sit at work, we sit at home, and all of that sitting causes repetitive flexion in the hips which creates tightness, restriction, and pain. After a few days of Egoscue exercises and another neuromuscular massage for the hips, I noticed that the knee is much improved. I am once again able to do the things I love: hiking, biking and working with my clients on their therapeutic massage!

5 Steps for when chronic pain strikes:
1. Ice, rest and elevate (in this case the knee)
2. Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (Click to book now!)
3. Chiropractic (At your discretion)
4. Develop a stretching and strengthening routine
5. Try out the Egoscue Method for chronic pain

One more chronic pain alternative for the road!

I’ve taken several knee workshops with Advanced Trainings, with Til Luchau. We use techniques directly related to assisting with knee pain and knee injury.

I’m here to help.

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Rebecca Rice-Wilson

Rebecca Rice-Wilson