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  • Neuromuscular Therapy
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This type of massage works to release the deeper muscle layers and provides relief from acute and chronic pain patterns. Resulting in the release of toxins and the softening of muscle tension allowing the circulation of blood and oxygen, which in turn relieves chronic stiffness and muscle pain. This type of massage can also aid in improved flexibility and increased range of movement.


  • Body Awareness
  • Pain reduction
  • Injury/Accident

Your Massage

Advanced Myofascial Therapy offers a release of fascial restrictions surrounding muscles and soft tissue. This massage technique releases the stickiness between fascia and muscles resulting in the elimination of pain and an increase in range of motion. The therapy involves the application of pressure or tension in various directions to aid in the release of fascial adhesions of the soft tissue. The results from this type of massage are: greater range of movement, decrease in pain and reduced tightness of areas receiving the work. Possible correction for chronic posture patterns.


  • Wide range of Massage Techniques
  • Postural Correction

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