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Rossiter System Stretching

Rossiter System of Massage Therapy

Rebecca develops custom massage sessions with her clients.

A major structural portion of our body is formed by a head-to-toe network of fascia, ligaments and tendons that holds everything together. Many problems can arise when this network of connective tissue becomes tight and rigid from overuse, repetitive use (too much sitting at your desk) non-use and age.

Recently I began training in the treatment protocol called the Rossiter System. Rossiter is a method for targeted pain relief and prevention of structural pain due to overuse, injury, accident, stress, strain or repetitive use. These techniques quickly remove pain at its source and increase range of motion.

The Rossiter method involves a unique set of assisted stretching exercises. In these exercises, the practitioner anchors connective tissue in key areas while guiding the client through a series of active movements designed to release tightness, restore space and mobility, thereby removing the source of the pain. People with various injuries and pain use Rossiter as a natural solution to regain mobility, and return to the activities, sports, and hobbies that they love, pain-free.

The average session is less than 45 minutes, and most clients see dramatic results in three sessions or less. The Rossiter System was developed by Richard Rossiter, a certified advanced Rolfer and connective tissue specialist since 1987.

Treatment with the Rossiter System can be beneficial when used in the following areas:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Elbows
  • Wrists
  • Lower back
  • Hips
  • Glutes
  • Knee
  • Foot

Crunchy, thick, popping, grinding and painful areas will once again feel smooth, open, balanced, well oiled, and freer moving. Everything inside your body will have space to move again. You will be surprised at how quickly your symptoms and pain disappear!


Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information or you can book an appointment online for Rossiter System treatment.