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The Trager Approach

The Trager® Approach utilizes gentle bouncing, rocking and rhythmic movements such as compression, sculpting and elongation, to cultivate a state of deep relaxation and to release muscle tension that often manifests as pain and limitations in movement. This work helps the nervous system to communicate more effectively with the muscles, so it is often helpful as a method for rehabilitation especially for people suffering with traumatic accidents, injuries and chronic neuromuscular problems.
Sessions are generally 75-90 minutes long and include both pre- and post- treatment assessments, Trager techniques and movement. Clients need to wear comfortable clothing. After your session, individualized movement suggestions will be offered that expand upon the positive effects of the work, and which invite similar relaxation responses experienced during their session. This work invites us to re-imagine living with less struggle and tension, and then to manifest this by learning to access freedom and ease through our body’s movement experience.

Trager Approach can provide:

  • Increased mobility, vitality, relaxation, and peace
  • Quicker recovery from surgery or injury
  • Improved Neuromuscular Function
  • Deep relaxation

Trager Approach can be helpful with:

  • Renewed ease of movement and increased flexibility
  • Relief from back, neck, and joint pain
  • Return of natural vitality
  • Help moving through grief, depression and anxiety

Body awareness can be nurtured, and mobility restored through Trager Approach.


Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information or you can book an appointment online for the Trager Approach Therapy.